Jigott Argan Rich Cream 70ml

Jigott Argan Rich Cream 70ml

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Jigott Argan Rich Cream contains argan oil, niacinamide, adenosine, allantoin, aloe vera extract, camellia extract. Argan oil binds free radicals and this removes the aging of the skin. It is actively used in the manufacture of various creams, because it restores the hydrolipid layer of the skin, improves the condition of the dermis cells, heals abrasions and wounds, is irreplaceable in the treatment of burns, so it is also recommended for everyday use on the beach under the hot sun. The best medicine from the evil desert sun is unknown to medicine. Oil helps skin rejuvenate, smooth wrinkles, thanks to him, the skin of Moroccan women remains young for a long time. 

Size: 70ml

Ingredients: extract of argan oil, pomegranate extract, niacinamide, camellia extract, adenosine, allantoin, aloe barbados extract, stearic acid.