Elizavecca Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Moisture Cream 100ml

Elizavecca Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Moisture Cream 100ml

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Elizavecca nutritious donkey milk steam cream with a light texture.

Volume: 100ml

The cream is created using steam technology, which makes the product light in texture, but very nourishing. The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin, nourishing the epidermis at a deeper level than conventional products.
Rich in omega acids, minerals and vitamins, donkey milk helps the skin to produce more collagen and slows down the aging process, giving the skin the necessary care.
Milk helps prevent drying out of the skin, which is especially important in the summer, as well as for people who spend a lot of time in rooms with dry air.
It also contains Shea butter, adenosine and niacinamide.

The steam cream intensely moisturizes, nourishes and softens, helps to eliminate flaking, helps to get rid of wrinkles and evens tone, makes the skin unusually smooth and silky, fresh and radiant

How to use: 
Apply small amount and massage or pat the cream. Spread evenly over the skin. Can be used daily morning and evening.