MEDI-PEEL Peptide 9 Volume Tox Cream 50g

MEDI-PEEL Peptide 9 Volume Tox Cream 50g

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Anti-ageing cream with peptides

Magic peptides take care of our youth, prevent the formation of wrinkles and the oval gently float down. Therefore, cosmetics with miraculous ingredients are now very much appreciated by all beauty lovers. If you also care about the health and beauty of your face, try the powerful anti-aging cream with 9! peptides from the Korean brand Medi-Peel. With it, your skin will be rejuvenated, fresh and firm, after all, your face deserves the best!

Features of Medi-Peel Volume TOX peptide cream:

- Light creamy consistency absorbs quickly, leaving no residue;

- designed to effectively combat ageing;

- contains an extract of Chinese gardenia (wolyufilin), which reduces sagging, tightens the oval, gives elasticity;

- peptide complex improves cell regeneration, slows down ageing, fights wrinkles;

- tightens the skin

How to use:

1. use as the last step of your basic skincare routine.

2. Apply the cream evenly, massaging it in with your fingers.

Ingredients: Agua purificada, metilpropanodiol, glicerina, dimeticona, ciclopentasiloxano, 1,2-hexanodiol, triglicérido caprílico/cáprico, alcohol cetearílico, olivato de cetearilo, ciclohexasiloc Sein, olivato de sorbitán, estearato de glicerilo, tetraisoestearato de pentaeritritilo, estearato de PEG-100, glucósido de cetearilo, arginina, carbómero, acrilato de sodio/polímero de acriloildimetil taurateco de sodio, isohexadecano, trehalosa, aceite de semilla de girasol, goma xantana, adenosina, polisorbato 80, hialuronato de sodio, EDTA disódico, sorbitanoleato, aceite de soja dol, colágeno desamido, extracto de fruta de ciprés, extracto de corteza de conífera, eucalipto extracto de hoja, fructano, elastina hidrolizada, colágeno hidrolizado, butilenglicol, poliisobuteno hidrogenado, aceite de semilla de achiote, propanodiol, polímero cruzado de hialuronato de sodio, laurato de sorbitán, glucosaminoglucano hidrolizado, nonoxinol-12, tocoferol, hidroxietilcelulosa, bencilglicol, acetil dipéptido-1 cetilo éster, astaxano Estaño, etil hexanodiol, ácido hialurónico hidrolizado, caprilil glicol, PEG-40 aceite de ricino hidrogenado, etilhexilglicerina, PG-26-butes-26, extracto de zymoroot, ácido hialurónico, acetiloctapéptido-3, palmitoiltetrapéptido-7, cetona de frambuesa, fenoxietanol, acetilhexapéptido-8, tripéptido de cobre-1, tripéptido-1, palmitoiltripéptido-1 , palmitoil pentapéptido-4, hexapéptido-9, nonapéptido-1, fragancia

About the Brand: MEDI-PEEL

MEDI-PEEL uses exclusive ingredients such as 24K gold, snail filtrate, Syn-Ake and pig collagen in its ampoules, creams and peeling solutions. Its range of scientifically proven professional skin care products allows customers to easily treat skin with results that are on par with clinical treatments. Best-selling products include 5GF Micro Spicule, 5GF B-Tox Ampoule and 5GF Mela Ampoule from the 5GF series; EGF Power Caviar Ampoule and WGF Whitening W3 Ampoule from the EGF Ampoule series; and Green Peel, Orange Peel, Blue Peel and Easy Energizing Peel from the Peeling series. All products are entirely made in Korea. YesStyle is an authorised distributor of MEDI-PEEL.