PRE-ORDER: CP-1 Esthetic House Bright complex Intense Nourishing Conditioner 100 ml

PRE-ORDER: CP-1 Esthetic House Bright complex Intense Nourishing Conditioner 100 ml

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The nourishing conditioner will provide the hair with complete care. It quickly improves their structure, heals damaged areas and smoothes scales, saturates with useful substances and moisture, eliminates brittleness, relieves peeling, gives softness and natural radiance. The conditioner has a light texture, does not weigh down curls and quickly restores them. This is a great option for the care of damaged and weakened hair. CP-1 BC Intense Nourishing Conditioner contains natural ingredients such as:

Wheat proteins - moisturize and strengthen the strands, restore their natural shine, make them stronger and more elastic, form an invisible film that nourishes the hair from the inside and prevents them from drying out.

Licorice extract - provides good nutrition to the scalp, stops hair loss, treats seborrhea.

Jojoba oil - moisturizes curls, solves the problem of split ends, fights dandruff, perfectly smoothes, prevents brittleness, stimulates hair growth, gives them softness and radiance.

Camellia oil - retains moisture inside the hair, relieves dryness and unpleasant itching, prevents dandruff, restores natural shine and protects against environmental pollution.

Coconut oil - heals curls, intensively nourishes them, fills them with moisture, restores damaged areas, minimizes the effects of aggressive influences, cares for the scalp.

Collagen - smoothes hair scales, makes them smooth and silky, reduces electrification, maintains an optimal level of moisture, restores split ends. Elastin - provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect, eliminates brittleness, protects against mechanical stress.

Silk proteins - perfectly soften, make hair more elastic and manageable, facilitate combing and styling, protect from ultraviolet radiation. The result is noticeable after the first application of the product - the hair becomes smooth, moisturized and silky, and all imperfections disappear. Conditioner from the company Esthetic House is suitable for daily use and ideally complements the usual hair care.